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Why Webvar?

Webvar is an enterprise software commerce platform that streamlines the workflow by bringing together buyers, vendors, and channel partners.

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Tired of wasting time searching for the right software? Let us match you with products that are tailored to your unique needs. Instantly explore detailed features on each product page – your ideal choice is just a click away.

Empower your decisions with actionable insights

Get real-time data, effortlessly track costs and view project statistics at a glance.

Get best deals on the market while drawing down on your cloud commitments

Get exclusive offers that aren't publicly available - no procurement agreements needed.

Access the Most Competitive Offers on the Market

Get most competitive offers on 22000+ products  - no time-consuming meetings required. Experience the convenience of receiving multiple bids, with the top 3 delivered directly to your inbox in real time.

Purchase and Renew with Just a Few Clicks

Track your purchases with ease. Get a clear view of transactions, costs, and renewal dates all in one dashboard. Automate renewals by simply updating quantities or license models.

Cut licensing costs by 20%

Enjoy increased licensing flexibility, the lowest transaction fees in the industry, and exclusive cash-back offers.

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In an era where traditional resellers like CDW, renowned for high markups and complex business models, are waning, platforms like Webvar are rising to prominence.

They are better attuned to the needs of the cloud era, offering more efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, they enhance the return on investment (ROI) for businesses operating in the AWS Marketplace.

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Webvar's innovative three-sided marketplace and integration with AWS align seamlessly with FJ Labs' investment focus on disruptive technologies, online marketplaces, and scalable business models. This investment is a testament to FJ Labs' vision for the future of technology and commerce.

FJ Labs' investment in Webvar is more than just a financial backing; it's an endorsement of a vision that leverages technology to make enterprise IT transactions more efficient, transparent, and global.

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Webvar's commitment to vetting all solutions assures customers that only high-quality products and services are available, bolstering overall trust and credibility in the marketplace.

On the buyer's side, they gain access to a diverse range of software solutions, from cutting-edge applications to essential business tools. With the assurance of a transparent and secure transaction process, businesses can confidently invest in the software they need to remain competitive and innovative.

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