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A self-serve platform for IT and procurement specialists who want to purchase software on their schedule, without waiting for sales reps. Discover solutions, make informed decisions, and optimize costs when buying from AWS Marketplace.

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Over 25,000 Products & 3,000 Vendors, One Platform.
Webvar is integrated with AWS marketplace, offering a smooth purchase experience and all the benefits of buying with AWS.

Streamline Purchasing

Tired of managing multiple vendors and contracts? Consolidate all your vendor interactions, simplifying your purchasing process, and keep all your purchases organized in one convenient place.

Procure Faster

With self-serve, the power is in your hands. No more extra calls with salespeople, request an offer with a few clicks, check out with your AWS ID, and start using the software.

Webvar is an official AWS partner

Pay Your Way

Enjoy flexible purchase options

Renewals? Easy

Never miss a renewal with our timely notifications. Renewing a contract? A few clicks are all it takes.

One Bill, No Hassle

Experience the simplicity of one bill for all your software purchases.

Get Better Prices

Searching for a software product or need to renew an existing contract? With Webvar, you always know in advance how much you will pay. All software purchases contribute to your AWS committed spend.

90% of Enterprises Overpay For SaaS Products

Businesses like yours are paying 20-30% more for cloud services than they should. Optimize your cloud spend today with a dedicated account manager who will ensure you only pay for what you need.

Need Multiple Quotes?
Save time with our Online Tender Platform

Get 3 Best Bids For Any Software, Straight To Your Inbox

Get multiple bids from our trusted network of vendors and sellers, delivered directly to your inbox in real time. Receive the 3 most competitive bids for any software with just a few clicks and purchase using your AWS ID.

Only AWS-Vetted Sellers

Real-Time Bids

Anonymous Bid Requests

The Biggest Seller Network

Fast, Compliant, Secure Internal Procurement

Take control over software procurement within your company with Storefronts.

What Are Storefronts?

Create a company branded storefront that allows you to serve your internaStorefronts are self-serve personalized digital shops where your company can browse and purchase enterprise software with ease.

Shop with Confidence
The storefronts are tailored specifically for your business, featuring only vetted products. This means you can shop with confidence and spend less time sifting through irrelevant options.
Personalize Your Storefront
Launch a storefront that truly reflects your brand. Customize the layout, colors, and other visual aspects of your store to suit your identity.
Each Department Has Their Own Tools
Create sets of pre-approved products for different departments, ensuring your team has the tools they need to succeed.

Launch in less than 5 days

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Secure transactions with AWS

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