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Webvar is an enterprise software commerce platform for buyers, vendors and channel partners. Do better deals, make informed decisions and automate time-consuming processes.

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Webvar simplifies and accelerates software commerce by unifying a fragmented ecosystem by bringing together buyers, vendors, and channel partners.

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Why Choose Webvar?

We simplified software commerce to empower businesses like yours.

Save Unnecessary Stress With Our Process Automation

We reduce administrative tasks, so you can focus on what matters most.

Track renewals: Never miss a single deadline.
Automate Price Negotiations: The system determines pricing that is both fair and profitable.
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Empower your decisions with actionable insights

Get real-time data pricing data, effortlessly track costs and view project statistics at a glance.

Unlock Personalized Product Recommendations

Get product matches tailored to your unique needs and instantly view detailed features on each product page.

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Close your deals faster

Experience the power of closing deals up to 40% faster than ever before.

We harness the power of AWS

All the flexibility you need - within a one-stop shop.

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Billing, Sorted

Consolidated Billing: All your transactions, one neat statement.
Zero Collection Losses: Say goodbye to bad debts and hello to reliable revenue.
Automated Deposits: Funds transferred directly and automatically to your account.

Flexible Payments

Enjoy flexible pricing terms and payment schedules provided by AWS.
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Exclusive Discounts

Procure software from the AWS Marketplace through our partnership. We provide exclusive discounts, making your deals even more attractive.

Negotiations, Accelerated

Leverage standardized AWS contracts, to significantly reduce the procurement cycle, saving weeks of negotiation time.
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SAP on AWS Business Skills
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Official AWS Marketplace Partner

Webvar is a top-tier Amazon Partner in North America.
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Working with Webvar has been an absolute delight. Their partnership has proven to be a game-changer for our CrowdStrike’s business operations. From the outset, their commitment to swift and seamless collaboration is truly remarkable. Communication with their team has always been smooth, ensuring that our projects progress without a hitch.

Webvar’s dedication to understanding our needs and solution has consistently exceeded our expectations. Their efficiency and expertise have streamlined our operations through private offerings has elevated our overall productivity. It's safe to say that Webvar is not just a partner but an essential part of our success story.

Philip, Senior Corporate Account Executive
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The CPPO procurement process with Webvar has been incredibly helpful for my clients. I remember a client back in January that had a tight budget but really needed a certain level of security.

With the help of Webvar and AWS, the client was able to purchase through the AWS Marketplace and have a smooth experience. He even thanked me at the end because we had a special offer going on and he got AWS credit for future purchases. It’s definitely a great way to purchase software!

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Catherine, Corporate Account Executive
Logo Crowdstrike an official partner of Webvar
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In an era where traditional resellers like CDW, renowned for high markups and complex business models, are waning, platforms like Webvar are rising to prominence.

They are better attuned to the needs of the cloud era, offering more efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, they enhance the return on investment (ROI) for businesses operating in the AWS Marketplace.

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Webvar's innovative three-sided marketplace and integration with AWS align seamlessly with FJ Labs' investment focus on disruptive technologies, online marketplaces, and scalable business models. This investment is a testament to FJ Labs' vision for the future of technology and commerce.

FJ Labs' investment in Webvar is more than just a financial backing; it's an endorsement of a vision that leverages technology to make enterprise IT transactions more efficient, transparent, and global.

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Webvar's commitment to vetting all solutions assures customers that only high-quality products and services are available, bolstering overall trust and credibility in the marketplace.

On the buyer's side, they gain access to a diverse range of software solutions, from cutting-edge applications to essential business tools. With the assurance of a transparent and secure transaction process, businesses can confidently invest in the software they need to remain competitive and innovative.

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FJ Labs is a stage-agnostic investment firm that focuses on marketplaces and consumer-facing startups. The company has invested in Alibaba Group, Uber, Airbnb, Farfetch, Klarna, Stripe, Spotify, Tencent, Archer, and Samsara.

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