SpinOne: Advanced SaaS Security on AWS

Spin.AI, a prominent SaaS security company, has announced the launch of SpinOne, its comprehensive SaaS Security platform, now available in the AWS Marketplace. SpinOne is engineered to safeguard SaaS data across vital business applications such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Slack.

This platform significantly enhances security and compliance, empowering SecOps teams to efficiently address ransomware attacks and bolster overall compliance measures.

Offering SpinOne to AWS Customers

Dmitry Dontov, CEO of Spin.AI, expressed excitement about offering SpinOne to AWS customers, emphasizing the platform's robust security solutions and seamless approach to protecting valuable SaaS data.

This integration with AWS Marketplace streamlines the procurement and billing processes for customers, consolidating transactions into a single vendor and invoice, thus offering a more efficient and cost-effective method for enhancing enterprise SaaS security.

Simplifies the Acquisition Process

SpinOne's availability in AWS Marketplace simplifies the acquisition process for AWS customers. They can easily log into their AWS accounts, find SpinOne, select an appropriate package, and purchase a subscription on a per-user, per-year basis.

This move by Spin.AI marks a significant step in providing accessible, advanced security solutions for SaaS data protection. Sourced

SpinOne: Advanced SaaS Security on AWS

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