ReversingLabs on AWS: Enhanced Cybersecurity

ReversingLabs, a prominent name in cybersecurity, has announced the availability of its software supply chain security solutions on AWS Marketplace starting November 20. This move is set to enhance application security for teams by providing easy access to advanced security tools.

AWS Marketplace is a comprehensive platform where security teams can find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services. It offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions, among others, and simplifies the process of comparing options, reading reviews, and selecting the right software.

Customers can deploy these solutions to their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances with just one click or through the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. This streamlined approach allows organizations to strengthen their security posture effectively and swiftly.

Evolving Security Priorities

The integration of ReversingLabs' solutions into AWS Marketplace addresses the challenges security teams face with multiple vendors and evolving security priorities. AWS Marketplace aids in simplifying procurement, optimizing costs, and improving control and governance.

It provides a unified platform for managing third-party data, customized pricing, and a digital catalog of authorized software and data products. These features help in reducing administrative overhead, saving resources, and enhancing software spend governance.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace

A 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact study highlighted the benefits of AWS Marketplace, including a 75% reduction in onboarding efforts for new vendors, 66% time savings in procurement, and a 10% reduction in licensing costs.

David Hoffman, Senior Business Manager at Sony Corporation of America, shared his experience with AWS, noting significant improvements in procurement time, billing processes, and overall security posture.

ReversingLabs' partnership with AWS Marketplace is not just limited to product availability. It extends to collaboration with cybersecurity resellers, consulting firms, and advisory groups, offering combined expertise and benefits. This collaboration is a step forward in enhancing software supply chain security and streamlining security strategies for organizations.

For more information or to explore ReversingLabs' solutions in AWS Marketplace, interested parties can contact their partnership team or visit their AWS Marketplace listing. Sourced

ReversingLabs SSCS is a supply chain security platform

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