FloQast on AWS: Enhance Accounting Efficiency

FloQast, a leading provider of accounting workflow automation software, has recently announced the availability of its Accounting Operations Platform on AWS Marketplace. This integration signifies a strategic move to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of accounting and finance teams by leveraging the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The FloQast Accounting Operations Platform, which includes FloQast Close, FloQast Ops, and FloQast Compliance Management, is designed to automate the most challenging aspects of the record-to-report process. This cloud-native AWS solution aims to reduce manual and repetitive tasks that burden accounting and finance teams, thereby increasing their operational velocity, accuracy, and audit readiness.

FloQast's Advanced Workflow Solutions

By making the platform available directly within AWS Marketplace, FloQast offers Finance and Accounting teams enhanced visibility and the ability to manage by exception.

The platform helps in capturing and codifying key business processes, minimizing the risk of errors, increasing collaboration, implementing predictive controls, and creating a centralized store of evidence.

This availability in AWS Marketplace allows users to benefit from the security, governance, and procurement advantages of AWS, while also accessing the expertise of a trusted solution provider like FloQast.

FloQast Launch on AWS Marketplace

Mike Whitmire, co-founder and CEO of FloQast, CPA, expressed excitement about the launch on AWS Marketplace. He emphasized that this move aligns with FloQast's commitment to empowering organizations with workflow automation and enhancing the strategic role of accountants within their organizations.

FloQast's platform is trusted by over 2,500 accounting teams, including notable clients like Twilio, the Los Angeles Lakers, Zoom, and Snowflake. The platform is designed by accountants for accountants, aiming to operationalize accounting excellence and streamline various aspects of financial management, from the month-end close to compliance programs.

For more information about FloQast and its Accounting Operations Platform, interested parties can visit the company's website at floqast.com. Sourced

Automate Accounting with FloQast AWS Platform

FloQast, a leader in accounting workflow automation software, has launched its Accounting Operations Platform on AWS Marketplace. This move aims to boost the efficiency and accuracy of accounting and finance teams through AWS's benefits.

The platform includes FloQast Close, Ops, and Compliance Management, targeting the automation of complex record-to-report processes. It offers enhanced visibility, error minimization, and collaboration for finance teams, along with AWS's security and governance perks.

FloQast's solution, endorsed by over 2,500 accounting teams, including high-profile clients, underscores its commitment to elevating the role of accountants in organizational strategy.

FloQast's Advanced Workflow Solutions

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