Eviden & AWS: New Data-Driven Solutions

Eviden, part of the Atos Group and a leader in digital, cloud, big data, and security, has formed a new Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This agreement, building on a 12-year relationship, is a joint commitment to deliver solutions, consultancy, and innovation support, accelerating cloud and AI transformation projects for customers.

The collaboration will focus on creating data-driven solutions for key sectors like Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Health Care, Life Sciences, and the Public Sector. Eviden will host its portfolio of industry solutions and accelerators on AWS Marketplace, offering customers an easy way to access end-to-end solutions and services, thereby speeding up digital transformation.

Co-create new data and AI-driven Solutions

Eviden and AWS will co-create new data and AI-driven industry solutions, leveraging Eviden's expertise in AI, modernization, security, and net zero transformation. A new AWS Innovation Studio in Pune, India, will be established, providing direct access to AWS technologies and Eviden experts for customer innovation and modernization.

Carrier Global Corporation, a global provider of sustainable home, building, and refrigeration solutions, is already benefiting from this collaboration. Tim Johnson, Head of Digital Alliances at Carrier, praised the collaboration for accelerating digital capabilities and facilitating broader accessibility to their solutions through Eviden's integration services on AWS Marketplace.

Finalist for GSI Security Partner

The collaboration will also involve joint go-to-market activities and training for Eviden's teams to achieve an additional 10,000 AWS certifications over the next five years. Eviden, along with Atos, has received several accolades, including the Winner of the GSI Partner of the Year for North America and Finalist for GSI Security Partner of the Year – Global.

Tanuja Randery, VP EMEA and Eviden Exec Sponsor at AWS, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing its potential to accelerate global cloud adoption. Michael Liebow, Global Head of Cloud at Eviden, Atos Group, highlighted the AWS Marketplace's central role in their cloud strategy and their commitment to bringing these benefits to customers.

Eviden, a next-gen technology leader, operates in more than 47 countries, bringing together 53,000 talents and generating an annual revenue of approximately €5 billion. Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, employs 105,000 people and has an annual revenue of about €11 billion. This collaboration is set to expand the possibilities of data and technology across the digital continuum.

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