Elastio's AWS Marketplace Debut

Elastio, a leader in data resilience for cloud workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has announced the availability of its Vendor Insights profile in AWS Marketplace. This development is aimed at automating and simplifying the software risk assessment process for customers. 

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights compiles security and compliance information into a unified dashboard, streamlining the procurement process and providing users with access to crucial evidence related to data privacy, application security, and access control.

Accelerate the Software Procurement

Naj Husain, CEO and Co-founder of Elastio, expressed enthusiasm about making their data resiliency platform available in AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights. This move is designed to accelerate the software procurement assessment process and place security and compliance information about their solution in a trusted space.

Elastio has gained significant recognition in the industry, attracting a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups. The company's unique approach to cloud data security, ransomware protection, and recovery is revolutionizing traditional practices in this field. Elastio's platform is designed to limit financial risk, data loss, downtime, and brand risk associated with compromised data.

Identifying Ransomware in Data

Elastio's data resilience platform focuses on detecting and precisely identifying ransomware in data, ensuring rapid recovery post-attack. The platform's agentless deep file inspection continuously monitors critical business data, identifying threats and enabling quick responses to compromises and infected files. 

Elastio offers best-in-class application protection and recovery, delivering immediate value to its users. For more information, interested parties can visit Elastio's website.

Elastio Joins AWS: Enhance Data Security

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