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Webvar is an enterprise software commerce platform that will empower you to sell more,  faster.

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Empowering B2B Sales Professionals

The enterprise software selling landscape is rapidly changing. As global buyers lean towards digital platforms and self-service experiences, professionals like you need to stay ahead of the game.

Many sellers are still stuck with the old way of doing business, missing out on online sales.

We offer a platform that matches buyers’ preferences while helping you earn more and scale globally.

With Webvar, you're not just adapting;
You're pioneering the future.

Introducing Webvar

Discover a seamless experience tailored for both buyers and B2B sales professionals.

Intuitive Transactions

Say goodbye to complex navigation and transact with ease. Cloud marketplaces have never felt more intuitive.

24/7 Self-Serve Platform

No more waiting for business hours. Place your orders whenever it suits you.

Expert Match

We are the only platform that goes beyond a typical marketplace by offering the benefits of white-glove service.

Less waiting and more selling

At Webvar, we believe in empowering you to sell more and sell faster. Experience the power of closing deals up to 40% faster than ever before.

Start Selling More

Boost Your Earnings

Faster deals mean earlier payouts and no more cash flow challenges.

Expand Your Client Base

Handle more deals in less time, grow your income and free up time to onboard new clients.

Have Happier Customers

Close deals swiftly, ensuring satisfied clients who are more likely to return and refer others.

Have More Flexibility

A streamlined sales process lets you adapt quickly to market shifts.

Tap Into The Cloud Marketplace

Dive into the vast Cloud Ecosystem and expand your selling horizons with Webvar. Accessing the vast customer base of AWS and getting access to buyers’ pre-committed cloud spend.

Clear Insights

Understand your clients better with our intuitive dashboards. From tracking leads to closing sales, everything is just a click away.

Selling, Streamlined

Say goodbye to extensive paperwork and hello to efficient selling. We simplify the process, reducing administrative tasks, so you can focus on what you do best.

Cost-Effective Sale

Scale your revenue without increasing your sales force. Webvar is more cost-effective than traditional sales models, empowering you to grow independently.

Enhanced Client Experience

We’ve simplified the software buying process. Because your customers deserve the best.

Always By Your Side

Our team. Your success

Harnessing the Power of AWS

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Establish a Global Footprint

Without the backing of a large team, it’s difficult to reach a global audience. Overcome the challenges of limited reach and sell globally without any hassles.

Integrated Solutions

Bundle or integrate with popular AWS services to add more value for your customers.

Special Discounts

Procure software directly from the AWS Marketplace through our partnership.
We provide exclusive discounts, making your offers even more attractive.

Exclusive Insights

Get insights into customers’ Enterprise Discount Program and learn how to structure your deals to get more from customers’ budgets.

Offer Flexible Payment Options

Because convenience matters.

Boost Your Credibility

By being associated with a trusted name like AWS.

Automate Price Negotiations

By using real-time data, the system determines pricing that is both fair and profitable.

Less Paperwork, More Selling

We automate, so you can focus on selling.

Billing, Sorted

Consolidated Billing: All your transactions, one neat statement.
Zero Collection Losses: Say goodbye to bad debts and hello to reliable revenue.
Automated Deposits: Funds are transferred directly and automatically to your account.

1. Create a Private Offer.

Tailored offers that aren't visible to everyone ensure customized pricing.

2. Share with Your Client.

Leverage our expertise to craft offers that match your clients' needs, making the most of AWS cloud credits.

3. Close the Deal

Experience faster deal closures and satisfied clients.

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